We founded 209 Mare in order to elevate beachwear, by inspiring ourselves in hotel bathrobes and evolving this concept into tailored garments for style conscious individuals to keep them dry and warm.

In 2016 we began developing the prototypes for what would later become the center of the 209 Mare universe - The terry towel Beach Blazer. Based out of Monte-Carlo, brothers Gabriel and Federico Uribe, without any fashion experience, yet with a massive determination of commercialising this product  would drive over 40 thousand kilometres through all of northern Italy in their first year alone. The two travelled in true European fashion in a Fiat 500 filled to the brim with fabric and trim samples along with their loyal rescue dog (Kyra). Visiting dozens of manufacturers whilst Kyra sat amongst the lush fabrics like a European royal in the Middle Ages.

After a year and a half of making over 60 samples and visiting countless fairs and trade shows, the Beach Blazer was born and later launched during the 2017 Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monte-Carlo. Its composition was a blend of deluxe fabrics like French Velvet and Italian bamboo terry towel.

Today, 209 Mare focuses on creating timeless investment pieces that follow the lifestyle and culture of the understated yet elegant French Riviera during its heyday in the 70’s. The products range from beachwear to leisurewear for him and her (or as we call it “Rivierawear”), accessories and customization.

Follow us on our journey, preferably in a Fiat Cinquecento and join us on the Cote d’Azur.

Building a beachwear brand with a slower more ethical approach that goes beyond. Where quality of both materials and craftsmanship are at the heart of the brand. Timelessness, tailoring and attention to detail govern 209 Mare's design philosophy.